Did you know that many authors start promoting their book before they’re finished with it? The task of marketing your book falls directly on your shoulders. It doesn’t matter if you’re traditionally published or self-published, if you want to sell books you need to build a following.

If you’re like me and many other authors the idea of promoting yourself feels yucky. You’d much rather sit in your comfy writing space and weave imaginary worlds. However, it is also fun to talk to your readers, and potential readers. It’s fun to share thoughts, ideas, and interesting factoids. And that is ultimately the essence of promoting your book online.

Instead of trying to “Promote” yourself or anything else, try simply connecting with your audience. Be yourself and have conversations. Here are a few things that you might want to talk about.

1. What you’re reading right now – favorite books in your genre.

2. Other book related lists – favorite heroines, favorite authors, top romance bloggers etc…

3. Book excerpts

4. Song playlist, what you listen to while you’re writing, what inspired the book or what your characters would listen to.

5. Book FAQs

6. A journal entry from your heroine.

7. Historical factoids from the book’s time period.

8. Interesting tidbits you uncovered during your research

9. Character interviews

10. Short stories related to the book (perhaps secondary characters)

11. Images that inspired your hero/heroine

12. Movie/book heroines that are most like your heroine/hero or who inspired your heroine/hero.

On my author’s blog I spend a good amount of time talking about paranormal related material. The Spirit Savers are a paranormal investigative team and I often share information that comes up during my research. Remember that instead of saying, “buy my book,” you’re saying, “hello,” and inviting others to have conversations with you. It’s the best way to connect with your audience, develop a following, and ultimately to sell books.

Happy writing!