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I was going to blog about something else entirely today, but here I am writing about money. The name of this blog is “Make a Living Writing Romance.” And I truly believe that you can make a living as a romance writer. I’ve enjoyed watching many people work hard and achieve their writing goals and dreams. And I’m happy to enjoy an income from romance writing as well.

However, it’s important to point out that no one (at least no one that I know) goes from zero to six figures overnight. For most, there is at least a year of hard work writing, revising, and marketing themselves and building an audience. When they’re not writing, they’re learning about how to self-publish, they’re submitting manuscripts to agents and editors, and they’re blogging and connecting on social media.

What they’re not doing during that time is making money writing.

But what if you could..?

What if while you’re building your romance writing career you could bring in some extra cash as a writer?

That’s what today’s blog post is about. I wanted to talk about different paths that you can take to earn money as a writer while you pursue a romance writing career. The two options that I’m sharing today are both writing experiences that I’ve personally had and they’re both a fun way to earn an income as a writer.

AWAI Online Copywriting Program

Copywriting is a unique skill. As a copywriter you write email messages, sales pages, web copy, advertisements and marketing materials. You can focus on a specific industry, for example health and well-being, or you can specialize in a particular format like advertorials.

It’s a high paying industry and all it takes to be successful is an ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and to write for that audience. You already know how to write, this copywriting program can help you make a great side income to support your romance writing career. Check out the Writers Version of Six-Figure Copywriting.

I also encourage you to look around the website and to review other writing programs. If copywriting isn’t your thing then consider grant writing, resume writing, and yes they have a romance writing home study course too!

Become a Book Reviewer

I had the enormous pleasure of working as a reviewer for Romantic Times Book Reviews, now RT Book Reviews. I got paid to read romances and review them! It was super fun and a great way to bring in a little extra cash. Today there are dozens of top book review sites and many of them are looking for reviewers. RT occasionally hires as well.

And you can head to Fiverr.com and post your own GIG. A Gig is a job that you’re willing to do for $5 – and book reviews are one task that people outsource. Check out Fiverr.com if you’re interested in making some extra money reviewing books.

These are just two ways that writers can make money writing. If you enjoy writing and you want to earn an income from writing (and have more time to write fiction), then consider leveraging your writing skills.

Happy writing and please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about either of these writing for pay options!