With a realistic plan and all the tools and habits you need, you will succeed. Have no doubt. For extra motivation and a little celebration why not reward yourself too?

I used to reward myself with shoes, boots actually. But I’m a work at home professional so I ended up with a closet full of stacks of boxes full of boots.

So I stopped that habit, it was a bit expensive, and instead began to reward myself with something that is more valuable than anything else on the planet – time.

When I achieve my writing goals I take time off. Time off from writing, working, and household responsibilities. A week or a day, it depends on the size of the goal. Trust me that is a motivator and something you will enjoy.

If rewarding yourself with a day or a week of leisure time doesn’t sound exciting, what does? Make a list of things you might reward yourself with. You deserve to celebrate.

You now have everything you need to achieve the success you desire. You have a dream, a goal, and a plan of action. The rest is up to you. You can do it!

Happy Writing!

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