Two brothers, one woman, and a history of pain.

Your hero is a twin and a sorcerer. His brother is also a sorcerer. One uses their skills to hurt others. The other keeps his skills hidden. Not that he’s ashamed, but he’s leery. He lost someone he loved once when his powers were exposed and he never wants to go through that again.

Now, he’s being pushed. His brother is back and is leaving bodies in his wake. To save your heroine, your hero must make an important decision, one he can never turn back from.

What is his decision?
Why is your heroine in danger and who is she?

What is the history between these brothers?

Have fun and always remember that while this may read like an urban fantasy plot, you can always switch it up. If Stephen King can blend a western and a sci-fi, you can blend a fantasy and any other romance genre. Heck, it could take place in the 1700s in England or it could take place on another planet. You decide!

Happy Writing