Have you ever participated in a writing webinar or online course?

I’ve taken a few and have found that they’re a unique experience. The benefits as I see them are as follows:

Homework – Most writing courses, online and off, have writing homework. This forces you to write even when you don’t feel like it. It essentially helps you learn how to write when you’re not feeling creative or inspired. This is a good thing. There’s nothing more powerful for a writer than being able to write anywhere at any time. Yes there will always be days when you feel really “on” as a writer and the words flow. But if you can be a productive writer every day, then you stand a much better chance of making a living as a writer.

Feedback – Writing courses usually involve some type of peer interaction where you provide critiques for one another. This teaches you how to provide feedback and also how to receive it. And it also helps you build up your tolerance for feedback. You’ll be able to take what’s useful without letting anything damage your ego or hurt your feelings. You’ll also receive feedback from the instructor, which again is positive and useful information.

Reminders – You may be familiar with some of the concepts being taught in the course and that’s okay. We all need reminders from time to time. Guaranteed, you will learn something. You’ll learn a new way of approaching writing. You’ll learn a bit about yourself, and you’ll undoubtedly grow as a writer.

Taking writing classes also forces you to take your writing aspirations a bit more seriously. If you want to be paid for your writing and you want to earn a living as a writer then you have to take your dreams and goals seriously. When you take a class you’re making a commitment to yourself and to your goals.

So where can you take good writing classes?

**I took a few at my local university. They were both great for the ego and highly educational. See what the schools near you have to offer.

**Locally, you might also find that your community education program offers writing classes. Sometimes these can be good. Other times…not so much.

**Online – There are an abundance of top notch writing education opportunities online. One resource is the Romance Writers of America. If you are a member, check out their university and your local chapter’s writing courses. I have taken a few of their online courses and they’ve been useful and informative.

**iTunes is another resource. There are writing podcasts which are highly reviewed. I haven’t taken any of them but they’re free so there’s little risk. Here are two to look at. They’re not romance specific but they look informative.



**Finally, there’s Writer’s Digest. They have more potential webinars, tutorials and education resources than anywhere else. This link will get you $15 Off Any Course at Writers Digest Tutorials at Writers Digest Shop. Use coupon code AFF15 during checkout.

Happy writing!