Do you ever wonder what the life of Nora Roberts or James Patterson looks like? What about Stephen King? These are some of the most prolific writers of our time. I can tell you from experience that the more books you have available to purchase, the more money you’ll make. And while your motivation to become a published writer may not be financially motivated think about it this way – if you can make more money as a writer, you can spend more time writing. And you love to write, right?

The writers that I know personally who make a good living as writers have:

• More than 5 books available for purchase.
• Swear that their sales for previously published books increase with each new release.
• Published books in a series.
• Written at least 3 books a year for the past several years.

So how do you write so quickly? How do you crank out and publish a book every four months? Here’s how:

#1 Highly Productive Writers Write Every Day

Most productive writers that I know have a rigid routine. For example, they might get up in the morning and get ready for the day. They then sit down to write for four hours. In the afternoon they research, manage marketing for their books, and spend time with friends and family. An hour of editing may also find its way into their afternoon.
Stephen King says that he writes no less than ten pages a day. Now, I fully realize that you may have a full time job or full time responsibilities. But if you want to start publishing and making some cash from your efforts you’re going to have to take this writing thing seriously.

You’re going to have to find a way to write for an hour a day, 500 words a day, two pages a day- whatever goal you feel is most suitable to your needs and style. However, writing every day is non-negotiable if you want to publish more than one book a year.

“A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.”
-E.B. White

#2 Never Stop Learning and Taking Risks

Productive writers are able to stay motivated to write because they are able to stay excited about their writing. This excitement comes from learning new things, and we’re not just talking about writing. If you love to write historical romance then dive into history and learn all that you can about past events, cultures, and traditions.

If you write romantic suspense then learn police procedures, read about true crimes, and try your hand at some adventure – go skydiving or rock climbing. And of course, learn all you can about writing by reading, attending lectures, taking classes and so on. Writer’s Digest is offering 84% off their Premium Writer’s Collection. It’s a package of information that will keep you excited and motivated for years. This all helps you stay excited about your writing career and helps you sit down and write each day.

#3. Write Badly

There’s freedom in writing badly. If you try to make every word the perfect word, you’ll never get anything done. First, your book doesn’t need to be perfect. Nothing is. Second, the first draft is shit. It doesn’t matter if it takes you ten years to write that first draft, it will need revisions – many, many revisions. Just let it go and write. Don’t worry about the quality of your writing. You’re going to revise this draft a few times, use that time to make it a better book.

Finally, constantly seek and embrace inspiration. Keep some recording device with you. It might be a notebook or a smartphone. Document your ideas when you have them and learn to embrace inspiration. You’ll find ideas for romance novels in everyday activities and during surprising moments.

Happy writing!



Photo by Sean MacEntee