How will you know when you’ve achieved romance writing success? The answer to that question depends on how you define success. You cannot know if you’ve achieved success unless you know how you define it. What does success mean to you? What does it look like?
Examples of Success Definitions…
I had a writing critique partner that once proclaimed that she would die an unhappy woman if she never traditionally published. Her definition of success was to be published with a traditional publisher like Harlequin. (I’m happy to say that she will not die an unhappy woman, at least not for that reason. She did eventually publish traditionally.) Other people define success as getting an agent, finishing a manuscript or starting a manuscript and getting back to writing.
1. Defining success is the first step and it’s actually a sign that you’re on the way to achieving it. If you know what it is, then you’re half way there.
2. The second sign that you’re on your way to writing success is that you make time for it. Do you make time to write? To seek publication? To start, or finish, a manuscript? It means you’ve made your goal a priority.
3. You’re seeking information, education, and motivation. If you’re pursuing your goal and striving to increase your skills and knowledge then you’re on your way to succeeding.
It doesn’t matter what your writing goals are – if they speak to you and they feel right, then they are. For me personally, writing success means that I take steps each day to get my story out of my head and onto paper. By being a “writer” I feel successful.
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Happy writing!