I know from experience that pure focus on a goal does indeed result in success. However, pure focus is difficult to master. By “pure focus” I mean the ability to focus on the attainment of your goal.

Nothing gets in the way.

  • No doubt
  • No fear
  • No outside influences
  • No outside obstacles or challenges
  • No procrastination

You are 100% devoted to your goal.

Part of pure focus is also to have unwavering faith and a belief that you will succeed.

This kind of pure focus, as you can see, can be really difficult to attain. Particularly if you are plagued with doubts and fears – it seems to be a normal part of being a writer.

So how do you find pure focus? How do you achieve the writing goals you’ve set for yourself?

#1 Play dumb.

Pretend that it’s easy to get published. It’s a total no brainer. Wipe away from your mind all of the rumors and myths you’ve heard about the publishing industry. Just erase the information, true or false, from your mind. Replace it with the idea that you are of course going to get published. There’s no question in your mind.

You are going to finish that romance manuscript you’re working on. You’re going to submit it to the agents and editors that are on the top of your list and one of them is going to see dollar signs when they read your manuscript.

Voila – publication is easy.

#2 Be single minded.

Nothing else is as important as attaining your goal of writing and publishing a romance novel – nothing.

Make time every day, at the beginning of the day if possible, to work on your manuscript. Fill every waking hour that isn’t presently being filled by your 9-5 job, with working on your manuscript. If you have free time and you’re not writing then you’re reading about writing. You’re researching agents and editors. You’re filling out forms for contests.

#3 Be selfish.

This is your dream, your goal, and therefore it deserves to take priority in your life. No, I’m not suggesting you stop going to work, feeding your kids or walking your dog. However, I am suggesting you put your goals in front of watching television, talking on the phone and even in front of some of your social activities.

You want to get published. Your friends and family will understand if you skip an outing from time to time to focus on your novel. Your coworkers will understand if you skip going out to lunch with them for the next month or two so you can work on your novel during that time. (You’d certainly understand if they were actively pursuing their dreams, right?)

Put your dreams and goals first.

Pure focus isn’t easy but I can practically guarantee if you’re able to find it and apply it to your romance writing goals, you will achieve success.