What does your writing space look like? Does it scream “Romance writer”? Or if your space is like mine, right now it simply screams, “Clean me.”  I remember once seeing a romance writer’s home office and feeling that mine was seriously deficient.

She had crystal chandeliers and fluffy carpet. Her writing desk was an elaborate period piece that looked like it had been swiped from a southern plantation.

Presently, my office is a compilation of pieces from the 80’s and a few pictures. It’s enough to kill anyone’s creativity. Technically, my office is in the front room of our home.

It doesn’t have a door so it’s open to the entire house, which means that most often, I write at the kitchen table or worse, at a local coffee shop.

However, my eldest is going off to college in a few weeks, sniff sniff, so I’m converting the space into a guest bedroom/writing office. It’s the silver lining I need to help manage her leaving home. I’ve spent the last six months or so collecting inspiration, advice, and planning my new office.

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