June is my favorite month for a number of reasons. My birthday is in June so that’s always fun. But more importantly it signals the beginning of summer and summer has always been a time of relaxed learning for me.


I mean, what’s better than sitting outside and reading a good book? (Or writing one!)


There are so many opportunities to learn this summer. It seems every RWA Chapter has a summer workshop or seminar – RWA is always a great place to learn and commune with your fellow romance writers.


However, outside of the RWA Box, there are other opportunities to learn. Here are a few to consider for the month of June:



Also check out Shaw Guides, http://writing.shawguides.com/, for a complete listing of writer’s conferences in your area.


Making the Most of Your Summer 


You already know that the key to getting your novel completed and published is to make it your job, your top priority.


And you’ve probably also experienced the challenges that every writer faces – it is incredibly challenging to work, take care of family, and find time to write. In the summer if you have children at home it becomes even more challenging and there’s always that pesky summer vacation that gets in the way – kidding! Take that vacation and enjoy yourself!


3 Tips to Find Time for Your Writing


#1 Work in Small Segments


It’s easy to say you’ll get up an hour early to write, yet when that alarm clock scares the heck out of you at 5:00am it’s not so easy to find your creative muse. Consider working in small segments or what I like to call, “Time Pockets.” Keep a notebook or tablet with you and write when you have time during the day.


Set aside ten minutes here, fifteen minutes there. An hour adds up quickly and you may find that writing during these forced moments helps you quickly jump into, and out of, your story. There’s something to be said for developing the ability to write whenever and wherever you have time.


#2 Escape!


Before I worked from home I used to find time to write by escaping from my family. I’d lie to them and tell them I was taking a bath. Oh, sure I’d take a bath so it wasn’t really a lie but it was a long one. I’d go up there, run the water, and sit beside the tub and write. I’d take my bath and write over the side of the tub, drain the water and write some more. My husband must have thought I was crazy. He may still…


Many published writers talk about writing in unusual situations and needing to escape from their family to make it happen. I’ve heard about fake business appointments, weekend seminars and “outings with friends.” If you use this tactic, just be careful that your spouse or significant other doesn’t think you’re having an affair!


#3 Swap


If you have children at home and they’re the biggest distraction, consider swapping childcare with a friend. Your children will enjoy the change of scenery and you’ll get a few hours each week to dedicate to your writing.


If you love to write, make it a priority. You owe it to yourself and to those who love you.


“We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there, too.”


-Kristin Martz