Your writing environment can have a huge impact on your creativity. Clutter can block the creative process, make you feel unmotivated and uninspired. Creating a beautiful and organized writing space doesn’t have to break the budget. In fact, a few small gadgets can make your writing space beautiful and inspiring.


Desktop Organizer

Tired of items falling off of your desk or getting hidden under your notes? Contain desktop clutter in this natural wood and glass organizerDry erases glass top perfect for writing your favorite motivational quote or next story idea!



Gigantic Notebook

Sometimes the words and ideas flow better on paper. This ruled notebook is pretty and has more than 300 pages! Choose your favorite color, find a comfy chair, and start creating!



Rose Color Phone Stand

Free your hands, clear up desktop clutter, and make viewing your phone easy. Easily read any notes on your phone, listen to music, or research on your phone while you write your novel.


Cord Organizer

No more messy cords! Contain your cords. get control over desktop clutter, and free your mind. I don’t know what under your desk looks like, but mine used to look like a tangled mess of power cords, charging cords, and connections. Getting down on my hands and knees under my desk to find the right charging or power cord put me in a bad mood. Not to mention how chaotic it looked. This little device solves a big problem. 


Document Holder

I seriously wish I’d had this years ago to transfer my handwritten notes onto my computer. Perfect for holding your hand written notes while you type. Clip images and inspiration too! Imagine being able to see your character notes alongside your chapter to help you stay consistent!


Little things often make a big difference. And while it can be tempting to go big and spendy, these little gadgets are not expensive and they solve common organization challenges. An inspiring space can help you set the tone every time you sit down to write, heck a great space may pull you in more often and help you reach your writing goals more quickly!