Whether you’ve set writing resolutions or you’re striving to make a new writing habit, there are some simple mistakes that can hold you back. Learn the mistakes, and how to avoid or rectify them, and you’ll be back on track to achieve your romance writing plans.
1. Not Measurable – Make sure that your goal or writing habit is measurable. Vague goals or resolutions like “I want to write more often,” don’t work. Instead, decide to write every day, twice a week or give yourself a word count goal.
2. Too Large – Overwhelming goals are readily set aside. That writing goal to write for an hour a day may just be too large for your schedule right now. That doesn’t mean you can’t set a new and more manageable goal.
3. Too Small – Goals that are too small can become boring. A goal of writing for five minutes every day may quickly become a joke. You might begin to not take your writing pursuits seriously. If the goal is too easy, adjust it. Make it challenging but doable.
4. No Forgiveness – If you mess up, forgive yourself and move forward. You’re not perfect. No one is. The people that achieve their vision of success do so because they’re persistent, not perfect.
5. No Enthusiasm – If your goal doesn’t make you feel excited and perhaps a little bit terrified, then it’s not the right goal. A good goal is one that makes you feel wonder and joy.
6. No Rewards – Determine what you’re motivated by and add that to your plan. For example, if you love to read you might reward a week of meeting your word count goals with a new romance download for your ereader or buy a new writing journal.
7. No Accountability – Find a way to hold yourself accountable for your goals. Tell people what your goals are. Create a journal and track your goals and your results. Hang a chart on your wall and put stars on the days you succeed. There has to be some sort of accountability in place so you follow through.
As you strive to reach your romance writing goals, pay attention to what’s working for you and what needs to be changed. This week on the blog we’re going to step away from writing resolutions and goals and talk about writing success. Sometimes success isn’t what you think it is and sometimes it’s better.
Happy Writing!