Did you see the movie 50 First Dates? It was cute. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. She has short term memory loss and doesn’t remember their dates. He’s smitten and keeps trying. It’s a good Rom Com and if you want something lighthearted, it’s a good go to movie.

In this version of 50 First Dates, your heroine has had a HUGE string of bad dates. 49 of them to be exact. Tonight is her 50th first date and if it doesn’t go well, she’s decided to swear off men. 

So what happens?

Does she have the best date ever?


Does she have the worst date ever and on her way home from the date, or in an attempt to escape the date, does she meet your hero?

I vote for the second scenario but this is your story to tell so have fun! (and if you do run with this prompt, please share! I would love to read it!)