Find Clarity.

Clarity is essential to writing a good first draft. And the revision process just cannot happen without it.

As a writer you need to be able to see your story, characters, and plot clearly. You need to track a lot of details and keep basic storytelling skills in mind.

It’s a lot to manage and it’s why clarity is so important. Take a few minutes before you start writing to clear your thoughts so you can focus on the task at hand.

Many writers have a ritual they follow before they can start writing. Perhaps your desk has to be ordered just so or you won’t start writing until you have a cup of hot tea.

I have begun to read two things before I begin writing each day. I read my outline so I remember where the story is going and what is supposed to happen next. I also read the material I wrote the day before. I also meditate for a few minutes (10 minutes generally) before I sit down to write.

Try different things to find the habit that helps you find clarity. Do whatever it is that will help you focus so you’ll be able to write clearly and effectively every single day.