Daydreaming is actually a very creative time for you. When you allow your mind and imagination to wander without restrictions, you can create some pretty amazing stories.

Set time aside to daydream. Grab a cup of tea in the afternoon and find a comfortable place. Close your eyes in the bathtub and allow your mind to wander. If you struggle with daydreaming, because let’s be honest sometimes the only thoughts that seem to recklessly swim through our minds are the endless tasks yet to be scratched off the list, then consider using a dreaming aid.

No, not alcohol or marijuana! Try lucid dreaming. You can find lucid dreaming tones and apps online or for your mobile device. I have one from BrainWaves that I’ve used a few times. I’m a pretty skilled daydreamer, could probably spend my entire day making up stories in my head but this one seems to be a popular favorite – you can read a bit about it here –

I downloaded my app from the iTunes store.

Word of advice – always keep a notebook and pen or a voice recorder next to you so you can actually remember the great stories and ideas that come to you while you’re daydreaming. Just like dreaming at night, if you don’t write them down, they’ll slip away.