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Yesterday I had things to do. A lot of things to do. In fact, I had a task list as long as my arm. I woke up ready to face that list and start checking things off.

But first, I wanted to put in my fiction writing time. I try to write fiction for at least an hour every morning. It’s the only way I can make it a priority with all of the other things that need my attention.

I wrote, and wrote, and wrote, and wrote….

In fact, I wrote for three hours, took a break to meet a critique partner for lunch and came home to write some more. I was writing by hand and I filled two notebooks yesterday.

And my task list remained untouched. In fact, it grew. Oy!

Was the day unsuccessful?

Absolutely not! Quite the opposite I think. I was able to seize the moment and make my writing a priority. I’m smart enough to know that tomorrow may not be as creative or productive (and in fact Thursday was quite unproductive in the fiction department).

So what’s the habit, right?

Recognize when you’re on a roll and make room for it.

Take advantage of it. You ┬ámay not be able to take the entire day to roll around like a happy pig in your story (sorry for the visual but that’s what I feel like when my imagination is on a roll – a blissful piggy.)

You may not be able to write all day but you can take advantage of time pockets and shift your priorities that day. Instead of making dinner, get take out. Don’t clean the kitchen and who needs to shower every day? Not you! You’re creating a masterpiece and you’re on a roll!

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