Submit Your Work.

I had a writing instructor once that told me that writing books and sticking them in a drawer or leaving them on your hard drive was akin to, um…well for the sensitive eyes and ears we’ll call it “self gratification.” That’s not the word he used but you get the point.  (Harsh, right? We’ll he had a point.) You’re simply writing for your own pleasure. Nothing against self pleasure but presumably you’re writing romance to develop a career and get published.

Submitting your work to agents and editors is the only way to achieve that goal. No magic fairy is going to peer over your shoulder and say, “Hey, I’d like to publish that. Here’s a few thousand dollars.”

You have to go after what you want. If you’re struggling with the submission process, use the worksheets and downloads available on this site to motivate yourself.

And to further motivate you here are the top five posts on the romance manuscript submission process: