Determine What Time Of The Day Is The Best For You -And Write During That Time

When do you feel most awake, alert, and alive?

Personally, I am at my best in the morning. Sometimes great ideas come to me before I even slide out from under the covers. I’ve tried writing at night and while I do seem to have creative inspiration at night, my grammar and ability to put words together into a cohesive sentence sucks.

As a writer, finding your best writing time may mean getting up early in the morning before anyone else gets up or staying up after everyone in the family has gone to bed. Carve out short blocks of time to write or larger blocks if it works better for you.

If you’re not sure what time of the day is the most productive or creative time for you, try a few experiments. Write during the morning for a week, write during the evening for a week. Review what you’ve written. Which is better?