As a writer it is easy to become a creature of habit. In fact, many success experts suggest that creating rituals and structure for your day helps you write.

However, you’re a creative person and too much structure can limit you. Imagine if you perform the same tasks every single day. You’d limit yourself, right?

While I absolutely support creating writing rituals, I also think it’s important to find things that bring you joy, inspire you, and make you think. There are many ways to find this joy and inspiration.

You can read – blogs, newspapers, journals, and even social networking posts. Find other writers who challenge you to think differently.

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Visual stimulation – personally I am inspired by images. One good picture can generate an entire daydream in my imagination. Images that are beautiful or funny are of course pleasurable. However, images that offend and disturb can provide value too. Pinterest is a lovely way to spend a few minutes exposing yourself to beauty and inspiration. (take care because it can be a time suck and a distraction too.)

Music – music inspires and brings joy to millions daily. I have a few channels on Pandora that I regularly cycle through including The Ramones and a classical channel.

Spend time each day getting out of your routine and mixing things up. Listen to new music (or music you haven’t listened to in a long time). View image and read material that challenges you. Stepping outside of your routine will undoubtedly inspire new story ideas and creative pathways.

Happy Writing!

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