Release Fear and Fire Your Judge!

17th century Spanish judge in full gowns, by V...

17th century Spanish judge in full gowns, by Velázquez. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today seems to be a day of letting go of fears and being 100% authentic to myself.

Actually, the past few months seem to be on track to help me learn this valuable lesson. It is so important in your writing to let go of that judgy voice in your head that says,

– That’s too sexy
– That’s too violent
– That’s too mushy
– That’s too …..

Stop judging your voice and write your story int he best way you know how.

Stop letting that scary judge that lingers inside your mind (mine looks like a prune faced harpie) control your actions and your words.

That may be the single most important romance writing habit you can embrace – be authentic and embrace your unique voice.


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