Create An Outline.

You may be a writer who can whip words out of the air and have them make sense. Then again, you may not.

I have to admit that when I have an inspiring idea for a story, I generally sit right down and start writing.

However, inevitably somewhere during the writing process (usually after about three chapters) I need some clarity. I need to decide where the story is going and what is going to happen.

This is where an outline, a mindmap, or a plot plan, can come in extremely handy. It doesn’t limit you but instead helps you find your direction.

Write a rough outline for your story and consider the following questions:

  • What sequence will the story follow?
  • When will characters enter the story?
  • What are your characters primary motivations and conflicts?
  • How will the story end?

If you have an outline you’ll know where you’d like to go with your story. Of course, you may make many changes to your outline as you progress through your work but having an outline can help you be more organized in your writing and help you to not forget important plot twists or characters.