Write Anyway

Yesterday I had a migraine. A big, bad wolf of a migraine.

Of course a headache like this is a serious deterrent to writing my name let alone making my 1000 word count goal.

Did I persevere? Did I write anyway?

I did. I babied myself during the day and once the headache receded enough to think clearly, I wrote. Not sure if it’s good but I am proud that I met my goal and today, now that I feel better, I can move forward with the next chapter.


Best Advice – -Even on those days when the words don’t seem to come easily resolve to write anyway. You don’t have to write on the same fiction project each day but you do want to be consistent in writing every day. Write in your journal. Write a poem. Write blog posts. Write a letter if that’s all you can muster but do write. It’ll help you stay fresh and create a solid writing habit.

Happy Writing!