By Francis K Githinji


Romance writers of America have not just done the country proud but, they have impacted the world. Their creative sense never ceases to amaze and, the romance genre is one that has plenty of fans. Romance writers of America are some of the greatest in the world. A good story of love needs to make the impact that was intended and when this happens, the writer will be classified as one who has excelled in this regard. Many American writers of romance have excelled and continue to excel. When you visit any part of the world, and ask them what their favorite book of romance is, they will most likely give you a book by an American writer. America is one of the leading countries where writers will have all the incentives and education to produce quality work. The presence of a large and eager market at home has also played a major role in making romance writers popular. The writers are celebrated at home and abroad.


There are so many publications on romance from the romance writers of America. Theirs is a long history and, there are many writers who paved the way and, younger writers have followed suit. The inspiration is also a contributing factor on the success of most writers. America is known as the land of opportunity and, this has proved to be the case. However, it has to take hard work and a creative talent. With the right stuff, many people have immigrated to the United States just to excel in the genre. Another thing that has greatly influenced the success of the romance writers of America is emergence of many professional publishing houses. The houses have managed to produce a lot of quality work and, more and more writers have been discovered and signed up this way. As you already know, America is a great country and much of its success can be attributed to the culture of education. The investment in education systems for many years has produced confident writers who dare venture into creative art of writing.


Romance writers of America will be found working at many sub genres of romance. The contemporary or modern writers have successfully incorporated modern fantasy, coupled with scientific fiction to produce great stories of love. There are those writers who have decided to stick to historical writing. In the modern day, history is ever so on demand and, when you present it with an intriguing story of romance, you are sure to have an audience. One popular American writer for historical romance is Judith Ivory. Romance literature of America will continue to captivate fans all around the world. The writers of America have formed many associations and, you know what they say, unity is strength. If you want to find a good book today by the writers, you do not have to look far. Your local book store will have all you need. You can also go online to find a good book. There are so many writers and, the variety will spice up your read.


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