I hope you’re having an amazing week! 

Mine has been unexpectedly productive. I’ve been working on a new course to help writers have more confidence in themselves and their writing skills, and I’m so excited to share the beginnings of it with you. 

I meet writers, aspiring writers, and people who have brilliant ideas for books every single day. Many of them have similar experiences. They have fears and doubts that keep them from pursuing their dreams. 

Sure, they may write once in a while and some have even started books but stopped due to a negative comment from someone. Sometimes they get part way into their book and then a fear or doubt stops them in their tracks. It’s happened to me. 

I’m so passionate about this course! It takes a different approach than any other course I’ve seen. It comes from the heart and from years of experience working with and talking with writers.

I believe you have a fantastic story to tell and if confidence issues are keeping you from telling it, then it’s time to stand tall and put those words on paper!

Here’s an abbreviated version of the very first lesson in the new course. Just taking this step will change your life, I’m just sure of it. The Connection between Mindfulness and Confidence


Happy Writing!