I spent the weekend at Vidcon. It’s an industry conference for video bloggers aka vloggers.  Watching the artists and performers talk about YouTube and online video i drew a lot of parallels between the emergence of YouTube personalities and entertainers and the self publishing industry.

The Internet and technology has really given artists, whether they’re comedians are musicians or romance authors, an opportunity to communicate and get their material out into the world.

And it’s clear that video performers work hard.

They’re talented, funny, smart, friendly, and a few of them were quite attractive. So that got me to thinking about how it must be like being a public persona and being attractive and being open with  your life and fairly transparent. That might make you vulnerable to predators. Vidcon is  a place full of very kind, open, and warm and friendly people but there are creepers out there.

So the story started today is based on that premise.

A beautiful, smart, charming YouTube personality is attending an event. She’s been communicating with a fan for months and he is at the event.

Is he a good fan or a bad fan? What happens when they meet?