Happy Friday! I hope you’re enjoying what feels like the first full week of summer. My kids have been out of school for two weeks now and I just now feel like I’m settling into the new schedule.
Do you set goals for the summer months?
I tend to set goals by the seasons. For the summer I am going to get through my Rosetta Stone Spanish lessons and I’m going to finish the next book in my “Deadly” series.
I think goals are an important part of the writing process because they motivate action. You can’t attain a goal unless you do something about it.
Speaking of “doing something”, I wanted to share today’s blog post with you. It’s about commitment and your desire to be a romance writer. You can read the blog post here.
Part of being a committed romance writer is a willingness to prioritize learning. Few people are born great writers. We have to learn, practice, and learn some more. You can take a writing class, read books and blogs about writing, and you can attend writing conferences. I’ve done all three and of course, being a bit of an introvert, I prefer to read. I came across this super deal on a bunch of excellent writing books and I thought I’d pass it along to you. I already own a few of them but the deal is so great, I am going to grab them all and just give away the duplicates.
It’s the Write Great Fiction Premium Collection from Writer’s Digest. Check it out. You’ll have more than enough reading to keep you engaged and committed to becoming a romance author. (I know you might feel like you don’t have time to read one book, let alone a dozen. I read 5 – 10 pages a night. That’s it. It helps keep me thinking about writing and it’s a good way to end the day.)
Finally, we have been talking a lot about building your writer’s platform. It’s important to get started with that as soon as possible. It’s a wonderful thing when you have people in your community who are supporting you to succeed and anxious for your book to be released. Check out the latest post on building your platform here.
Have a splendid weekend and happy writing!