By Chris Robertson

As a new author, perhaps the most difficult step to realize success is getting your first book published.  Book publishing companies each have a procedure you must follow for your book to get published, or even considered.  But with a lot of effort and persistence, you’re sure to see the words “manuscript accepted” come through your inbox or mailbox soon. Use these helpful hints on book publishing to get started.

Before Contacting a Book Publisher

Proofread your book several times, and then hire a professional proofreader to read through it at least twice.  Also, spend some time on choosing a title for your book as well as chapter headings.  These are very important and will determine how well your book sells.  A book is often initially judged by its cover and its title.  People won’t even consider buying it if the title does not captivate their interests.  Also, book readers will often scan the chapter headings to get an idea of the book’s overall theme!

Know Your Book Publisher

One thing that’s sure to get your manuscript rejected is to submit it without following the book publisher’s required procedure.  You might feel that jumping ahead of everyone else or using non-traditional tactics to get your manuscript more exposure will boost your chances of getting published, but this is far from the truth.  The key to success with book publishing is to follow the publisher’s rules precisely.  Find out what they require before submitting anything.  Some publishers require a synopsis and the title only at the start, while others require you to submit the entire manuscript.  Some prefer e-mail submissions while others prefer postal mail.  Each book publisher has a way of doing things, so you must find out what they require to even be noticed in the publishing world.  The Web has made this process easier because you can visit the publisher’s website to find out their procedures.

Don’t Rule Out Small Book Publishing Companies

Small publishing companies are sometimes easier to work with and might even help you get published faster.  A small company doesn’t have to sift through a heavy volume of manuscripts like a more well-known publisher would.  Also, the publisher might be able to offer more one-on-one counseling for book promotions should they decide to publish your book.  Look for a book publisher that’s willing to work with new authors and guide you through the entire process.

Use an Agent

An agent can help you get started on the road to getting published and save you much time and energy.  Some book publishers are more likely to consider publishing your book if you have an agent.  It shows you are serious about getting published.  An agent may also have contacts with publishers who are more likely to be interested in your type of writing. Some publishers work with only certain genres (such as specializing in children’s books or self help books), while others may accept all types of writings.

Keep Contacts Personal

When e-mailing or mailing a query or manuscript, always address your letter to a particular contact person at the publishing company.  Don’t just address it “To Whom It May Concern.”  If you’re not sure who to contact, call the company or view the contact list on the website to get a name and appropriate e-mail or mailing address.  This will ensure that your query will at least be delivered to a decision-making individual.

Make Your Query Brief and Interesting

Use words and statements that will spark interest with any editor.  Use excerpts from your book for illustration, but keep your query limited to one page or less.  Several paragraphs should do the trick.  Keep focused on the good points of your book, while also explaining if you had struggles with writing any portion of the book.  Book publishers will appreciate your honesty and willingness to change portions of the book (if asked) to make it a better read.

Be Patient

Please understand that in order to get published, you must demonstrate a certain amount of patience.  Book publishers must read through many manuscripts before choosing the ones they will promote.  That’s why it takes so much time to get published. No matter what form of technology our society invents, publishers will still have to read through long manuscripts to find those “jewels” among so many writings.  Read all the information you can about how to publish a book to get great tips. There are many online resources to help you with the process.  Submit your query or your manuscript, and then wait patiently for an answer.  You might even start writing another book if you plan to continue as an author.  Even if the first book doesn’t get published, you’ll at least have another iron in the fire to give it another shot!

Make the most of your book publishing experience, and enjoy the ride.  You only live once, so make the most of your days as a becoming author!

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