Published by Writers Digest books a year ago last month, The Fire In Fiction follows up Maass’s prior and notable book Writing The Breakout Novel.

While I enjoyed Writing The Breakout Novel, The Fire In Fiction resonates with me much more. Perhaps it’s the writing stage I’m at now, having been a fiction writer for five or so years, or perhaps it’s the structure and tone of the book.

Maass’s personality and tremendous experience comes through and each chapter is organized to focus on a specific craft point. Maass provides concrete examples to support each chapter’s point and he gives you food for thought as you reflect on your own manuscripts.

What most stands out however, are the powerful writing exercises at the end of each chapter. Were you to skip reading the chapter and just do the exercises and apply them to your current work in progress, you’d have a much better manuscript – guaranteed.

Strongly recommend reading the Fire in Fiction whether you’re just starting out as an aspiring writer or have a few published works under your belt.  It will make you a better writer.

You can grab a copy at Amazon (No, this is not an affiliate link. It’s for your benefit and your benefit only.)