Do you compare yourself to other writers?

I have done this in the past and I think that many of us do. We read a great book and think, “I can never write this well.”

Or we read a popular book and scratch our heads wondering how they have so many sales and publishing contracts when their writing isn’t so terrific.

Comparing yourself to other writers can only be detrimental to your present and future successes. You may not be at the same experience level of those you’re comparing yourself to and another person’s success may not be the magical transformation you perceive it to be.

Self doubt can arise from the comparisons you make between you and fellow writers. Some may seem to have the Midas touch to whatever project they choose to pursue – but you aren’t privy to what goes on before the huge successes.

Those writers who are successful have likely spent an enormous amount of time, money and effort on their ventures. It may look easy, but chances are they had many self doubts about their own potential for success before it happened.

Comparison to others and the self doubt that follows goes on in every industry, but it’s more prevalent in romance writing because you’re always putting yourself out there, presenting yourself and your ideas to others.

Comparisons like that are dangerous to your own self confidence and can defeat what you’re trying to accomplish. You may not be aware of their many failures in the past or of how many hours they’ve spent getting to this point.

One way to look at comparisons differently is to view them as challenges. “If she can do it, I know I can!” may be exactly the boost of adrenaline you need to take action and make your own success come true.

Competition is fierce among many types of businesses – especially in writing. Publishers and agents only accept a certain number of authors and books each year and self publishing can feel just as competitive. Looking into strategies of other authors use can be a good thing if you use them as models rather than comparing yourself to them in a negative way.

Self doubt can become the nemesis of your future. Guard against comparing yourself to others in a negative light and focus on your present and future goals to lead you to the success you desire. Instead, use it to push yourself to work harder, be more brave with submissions, and to pursue your romance writing passion to its fullest. The joy, after all, is in the process as well as the successes.