First things first, are you on the Romance Writer’s Wall of Fame?

Several motivated writers have already taken me up on the offer to promote their books and you can too. 

Just send me your book links, any website addresses you want listed with your information and a bit of advice for aspiring authors. ( 

That’s it and you get free publicity!

Check out Franklin Kendrick’s Paranormal Romance books and his advice and insight about passion for your topic and your characters. It’s good advice!

Big changes are coming to Make a Living Writing Romance…

I wanted to give everyone a head’s up about changes that are coming to the website. We’re going to be remodeling the site and shifting gears a bit. Look for additional information about how to be and feel more creative, inspired, motivated and successful as a romance author.

I have some excellent courses and materials being created for you and they’re all designed to help you tackle your writing goals with enthusiasm and inspired creativity.

I have the great pleasure to announce that I’m working with Sterling Publishing (a wholly owned subsidiary of Barnes & Noble) to create a different type of Story Starter book and I’m super excited to share that with you when it’s complete.

Creative Inspiration

Turning your romance book idea into a novel – You have your book idea and it’s a great one. Maybe you’re super excited about it and have written a page or two or even a full chapter.

Now comes the hard part.

How do you grow that spark of inspiration into a fully-fledged book? Where do you find the time, energy, and motivation to follow through on your desire to write a book?

This isn’t just a question for new writers, it happens to seasoned writers occasionally as well. There are many reasons why it happens but there’s only one sure-fire solution…

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Where you write is almost as important as how or when you write. The setting and the objects that you surround yourself with can support you to succeed.

For example, I once read that a horror writer wrote his first book at night in his car while parked outside a cemetery. His logic was that it was a quiet place where he wouldn’t be disturbed. However, I suspect had he parked himself in a library or outside a monastery that he wouldn’t have had the same success.

So where do you write and what do you use to feel inspired and motivated? Read More

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Happy Writing!
Annette Brownlee Elton