Create Structure that Makes Room for Daily Writing

I’m starting my second round of 100 Days of Fiction today. It’s a big commitment and yet at the same time it really shouldn’t be.

If you’re a writer then you write, right?

So why is it sometimes so very damn (That strikeout and curse is an homage to Mark Twain.) difficult to make time to write?

You owe it to yourself to make your dreams top priority.

This is my second round of 100 days of writing and I managed it by getting up an hour earlier. I would wake up, spend ten minutes meditating, and then grab a cup of coffee – to wake up my brain. Then I’d sit down and write for an hour.

It was a very rewarding and productive experience.

You don’t have to get up at 5:30 to write, stay up late, take your lunch in your car at the park and bring a notebook. Find a way to be a writer.

Integrate writing into your daily structure to make sure there is room every day for you to pursue your dreams and goals.