Last month I wrote a post about professional tips for designing your writing space. Romance writers, I believe, need an environment that both stimulates them to write but is also a safe and comfortable space.

Creating Your Shared Writing Space As my eldest moved on to college, I converted her room into a guest bedroom/writing office. I make a living as a writer so it was important that the space support a comfortable and quiet writing environment first and foremost.

We don’t have guests stay the night very often so that functionality is secondary. Still a balance had to be found. If you’re like many other romance writers, the same balance needs to be found for you. You share your writing space with your bedroom, with your spouse, with the family and perhaps with guests.

So how do you strike that balance?

1. Your Personal Touch – Because your shared space is also your romance writing space, it must have touches that are personal to you. You must enjoy being in the space and feel like it mostly yours. You might accomplish that with photographs, artwork, or fun pieces that make you feel good. I not only hung prints of my book covers on the walls, I adorned the futon with pillows that I found charming and beautiful. photo 1 office

2. Great Lighting – Unless you’re writing horror, and even then, your writing space needs to have great lighting. I am fortunate that I get great light all day long in this room. (Though you’d never know it by the photograph.) I also have a few lights positioned strategically around the space.

3. Organization – While you’d never know it to look at my messy desk, that is organized. Shelving, file boxes, a file cabinet, and a closet provide storage and organization for both me and any guests.

Organization and storage mean that you can quickly convert your writing space into living space without sacrificing. I remember when I worked at the kitchen table. I didn’t have any organization or storage so my research, laptop, and other books kind of traveled with me around the house. Not fun!

photo 1 desk

As you can see, it is a work in progress. I have to find a bedside table and put some artwork over my desk. I’m also awaiting a blanket that I ordered on to add some more color to the couch/bed.

Creating Your Romance Writing Space – Getting Started Decide what one single thing would make the biggest difference to you. What would make you feel more welcomed, comfortable, or inspired? It might be something as simple as a lovely storage tote to keep your writing materials in when you’re not writing.

I found this lovely one online. leather tote organizer

A room renovation is a luxury that most people don’t have and it’s not necessary.

Small steps can help make your writing space everything you need it to be. Happy writing!