Dialogue moves your story along. Some writers can fill 300 pages or more with what seems like pure dialogue.

It can paint a scene, develop plot and conflict, enhance and create character, and express motivation all within the quotes of a sentence.

Dialogue is a fantastic way to keep the pace of your story moving along. And, when it comes to sections of a book that readers often skip – they rarely skip dialogue.


it makes sense to hone this skill.

Time – 30 Minutes

Step One: Imagine you’ve just been caught snooping somewhere you weren’t supposed to be. Write down the conversation that occurs as a result of being caught. You might use an acutal experince and embellish or make it up – use your imagination!

You can write this in first person, I jumped and felt my heart hammering inside my chest. I tried to shrug it off – like it was no big deal I was snooping on his computer. “Crap, you weren’t supposed to be home.”

or third person, She jumped. Heart hammering in her chest she shrugged. “You weren’t supposed to be home.”

Have fun with this one!