How did you know that you were destined to be a romance writer? Was it in a class or because you liked putting words on paper in unique ways? Whatever it was, the desire grew. But, now you are thinking, do I have the right qualifications to make it as a writer?

Passion and Determination

The biggest qualifications for a career in romance writing are passion and determination. Many popular writers of today wouldn’t have gotten where they are if they let the first, second or even twentieth rejection letter stop them from fulfilling their dream.

Look, there is nothing wrong with a degree. Formal education is the gateway to a bright future because it affords you opportunities to do whatever you like in life. But, for writing, it is not necessary.

You might say that passion and determination can lead you to pursue higher aspirations within your chosen profession. While that’s true, even with a degree, your work will have to stand on its own. An eyebrow may rise when the “powers that be” see that you got a MFA in creative writing, but that same eyebrow will drop if your writing is chicken scratch.


Let us say that there is no substitute for talent. If you have it, then instruction can hone it but that instruction doesn’t have to come in the form of a degree. Many romance writers have gained knowledge through on-the-job-training so to speak. Trial and error has taught them the ins and outs of magazine writing, fiction writing and other writing skills.

Gaining the Knowledge you Need

A romance writer is dedicated to learning all they can about their craft. If you didn’t get a degree or don’t have time to pursue a degree but you still want to write, all hope is not lost. You can find many resources to help you.

Online classes are big right now. You can participate in a writing class via teleconference, webinar or through posting boards on websites. Here, reputable writers, editors and others in the writing world can teach you what you need to know to find the success you desire.

One website that comes to mind is Writer’s Digest. They hold online workshops all the time and they are very popular. You can learn to tighten up your fiction or make money as a freelance writer to name a few.

If you’d rather sit face to face with a teacher, you can look for courses of study at community colleges. Interact with knowledgeable instructors and students of all age groups and walks of life who also want to write professionally.

In a nutshell, a degree is not necessary to make a living as a romance writer. Talent is required but that can be honed in workshops, on the job and in as many classes as you want to take to learn what you need to know to make you a better romance writer.


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