Whether you’ve been writing for years or are considering pursuing your dream of becoming a published romance writer, you may be considering hiring a romance writing coach.  Here are the pros and cons of hiring a romance writing coach to help you make the right decision for you and your career.

Pros of Hiring a Romance Writing Coach

  • If you find the right coach, someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about the romance writing and publishing industry, then your coach may help you achiever your publishing dreams much sooner.

  • The right romance writing coach can help you become a better writer.  That’s the point, right?  You must be ready and willing to receive honest feedback!


  • The right romance writing coach can also be a significant motivator.  It’s so easy to procrastinate on your writing goals and it can even be difficult to set them.  The right romance writing coach will be a significant motivation force because you’ll have to create material for them to review and critique and that will mean setting and meeting writing goals.

 Cons of Hiring a Romance Writing Coach

  • Hiring a romance writing coach can be extremely expensive.  Costs vary however you’ll be charged by the hour and if you’re being coached on the phone, you’ll also incur phone charges.  Make sure coaching fits into your budget.

  • It’s difficult to find a skilled coach that also communicates effectively with you.  A coach has to walk a balance between being a motivator and a friend and being someone who can comfortably point out your areas of weakness and poke you in the chest to keep you going.  This is a difficult balance and it’s tough to find someone that can accomplish all this and also be easy to communicate with.  Top that off with the fact that most good writers are writing and not coaching and the field becomes even trickier.

  • It can be a huge waste of time.  You may be at a different point in your writing process and coaching may not be right for you or you and your coach have different goals.  You may hire a great coach but the coaching process may not be right for you.

 Many writers and aspiring romance novelists are introverts who work better on their own.  That’s what makes critique groups, writing workshops, and writing courses so effective.  You can set your own pace, learn what you need when you need it and get the precise type of feedback you need when you need it.  If you believe a romance writing coach is the right direction for you, be sure to request an initial free consultation and get referrals from writers you respect.

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