Websites are useful for a number of reasons. For one, it is your introduction into cyberspace where hundreds of thousands of people dwell. All of them could be reading your book right now if they knew that you existed.

What is an author’s website?

An author’s website is a venue where people who have heard of you and those who haven’t can find you. Lots of readers like to be able to connect with their favorite writers. Even if you are not a “favorite” yet, people may be curious about your writing style, your new book and how you got your start.

Why an author’s website?

In a word – you get publicity in a big way with an author’s website. Think about the miles and miles you travel doing bookstore signings and speaking about your book in venues both big and small. People will come if you are promoted right by your publisher (and you will be since they are looking for a big payday too). But, people who didn’t see the flyer or hear your spot on the local radio show can find out about the event in cyberspace through your website. You can post your schedule when it is finalized so more people can attend your signings.

Content on your website can drive traffic to you. At any given time there are thousands and thousands of people searching the Internet for all sorts of information. If they are looking for a good book to read, a thriller, a romance, chick lit, they can find your name and your book titles. It is a way to continue promotion beyond your book tours.

Aspiring writers want information. Maybe you were a farm girl growing up in the Midwest with dreams of writing a novel. So, when you do, others just like you want to know how you did it. Just like with online businesses, people like to be able to identify with a real person beyond the book covers and bright lights. You can share your story with millions.

And, you can interact with them. Adding a blog lets you keep them updated on your news and they can comment. You can comment back to keep communication going and let your readers know you care and appreciate their support.

Another reason for an author’s website is generating book sales. After scouring your site and finding out all the information they can, lead visitors to links where they can acquire your book. Is it on Amazon? That’s great for the person who finds shopping online convenient for what they want.

Having an author’s website is the next step in publishing evolution. Now, your audience can be the world and you can introduce them to the products of your writing passion.

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