I watched a documentary last night about people auditioning for the “A Chorus Line” revival. It’s called, “Every Little Step”.

If you’ve ever seen A Chorus Line then you know it’s a story about dancers and the audition process. It’s about trying to reach your dreams. It’s about failure, hope and the process.

The dancer’s path to success reminded me a lot about a writer’s path to publication. In many ways writers have it easier because they can self publish. A dancer takes the roles they can get.

However, there is still the seemingly endless process of submission and rejection or acceptance.

The one thing that keeps people going, dancers, actors, writers and other artists striving to achieve their dream, is hope.

The people you meet along the way help maintain that fire of hope inside you. They’ll be part of your path to publication and achieving your writing dreams.

I hope to be part of that path for you. I hope that the tidbits you find on this site help you hold onto that hope. And I look forward to celebrating your success with you!

Happy writing!