x-rayYour heroine is a nurse and she’s facing an ethical dilemma she never expected. The teenage child of a single father is dying and wants to end their life. Your heroine and the single father have developed a relationship which only further complicates the situation. Questions to ponder:

Why is the child dying? What does he/she have?

Why does the child want to end their life? What is their logic?

How does the father feel about it? (Generally speaking, most parents and loved ones of those with a terminal illness want to keep the loved one around for as long as possible. The person with the illness, however, often doesn’t want to suffer or watch their loved ones suffer as they die).

How does your heroine feel about the child’s request?

How old is the child?

What happens?

Note: This reads to me like an inspirational romance or a contemporary one. However, it could of course take a fantasy or paranormal slant. The child, for example, could be saved by being bitten by a vampire. You get the picture.