I don’t know about you but I am easily distracted. Email, list making, chores, social networking, blogging, and of course television all pull my attention from the tasks I should be doing. Even when I truly desire to sit down and write and have a “great idea” I am fairly easy to distract.

I’ve taken measures to help curb this tendency. I don’t, for example, turn on the television and I close my search engine and email box so I cannot see them. I sometimes relocate to a more relaxing and distraction free zone but alas, I still find ways to lose my focus. Until now…

Bluetooth Heaven

I have an iPad and I use it constantly. I take it with me where ever I go because I can get a lot done on it and because it doesn’t allow you to multitask. You can’t have an email window open and write. However, I was finding that I spent more time correcting my typing mistakes than I spent actually typing/writing. This is because the keyboard is a touch keyboard and I apparently have sloppy fingers.

So I went on the hunt for a keyboard that would:

  • Fit into my bag
  • Not cost a fortune
  • Not break after a month’s use

I thought it was going to be a long and arduous hunt.¬† After some time searching online I decided I’d head to the local Apple store to see what advice they had.

Their advice was to of course buy their wireless keyboard. Hmmm….

I tried it out.

  • It’s a standard keyboard size sans the numeric keypad. Fingers were happy.
  • It fit into my purse
  • It only cost $68
  • Did I mention it fit into my purse?
  • And…I was satisfied with the reputation of Apple that it would be fairly reliable and durable. (and it only cost $68 so it was worth the risk)

I’ve had my Bluetooth keyboard for about two weeks now and I can tell you that it was the solution I have been looking for. It’s amazing and my productivity has taken a huge leap. No more distractions because this handy thing goes anywhere. I’m finally¬† maintaining my daily wordcount goal!

If you suffer from distractionitis consider what solutions would cure this condition for you. I’m not saying that an iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard are the solution for everyone. However, I am saying that it pays to solve the problem now. I wish I had found my solution years ago.

Ask yoursef:

  1. What distractions am I most often unable to resist?
  2. Am I as productive with my writing as I’d like to be?
  3. What solutions might help me maintain focus and meet my goals?

Happy Writing!