bigstock_Paper_Balls_and_Broken_Pencil_7491453What part of your manuscript gives you the most trouble?

Idea – Some romance writers struggle with the idea phase. They just don’t know what to write about. That’s one of the reasons I wrote 1001 Story Starters and the shorter .99 genre specific story starter reports.

Get The Story Started – And then there are those who have a great idea but just cannot seem to start the story telling process. They’ve practically written the entire book in their heads but they can’t put fingers to keyboard. (I think that’s often caused by fear or a lack of confidence – same thing.)

Sagging Middle – Other writers struggle with the middle of the book. That’s a common conundrum. You know how you want to start and finish the story but you’re just not sure how to keep it interesting in the middle.

The Finish – And there is the end of the book. This is the part I struggle with. I just can’t seem to finish a book. Actually, that’s not true. I finish them many times. I am rarely satisfied with the ending. And as the book nears the finish, my writing productivity slows down dramatically. I might crank out five pages a day but when I get to that last chapter I’m lucky if I can manage a paragraph.

I used to think it was because I didn’t want to leave the story. And maybe that’s partially true. I have fun with my characters, they become part of my imaginary family. Now, I think my procrastination – let’s call it what it is – is because I don’t want to deal with the next step. What’s the next step you ask…well it’s to publish the darn thing, or to submit it to agents and/or editors. Yep, it comes right back to confidence and I’ve been writing professionally for a decade.

Do As I Say, Not as I Do?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Do as I say, not as I do?” I despise this phrase. Give me a break. I am not going to listen to you if you don’t follow your own advice. If you have trouble starting or finishing the story, check out the confidence boosting resources that are available for free download. I use these same tips and cues and have heard from many struggling writers who have had breakthroughs using the tips.

If you’re struggling with an idea or with the middle of your story check out the story starters posted each Sunday, sign up for the free 101 Story Starters report or check out one of the .99 genre reports.

Every writer struggles with some part of the process. You’re not alone and there are resources to help you. And if you don’t find what you need here at MakeaLivingWritingRomance then let me know by commenting or contacting me via email – info@makealivingwritingromance. Maybe I can help provide a custom solution.

To your writing success!