When your heroine, an interior designer, lands the job of her dreams – redesigning the mansion of a renowned businessman – she’s in for more than she bargained for.

While he’s given her free rein to design her home, he wants her to live with him for a month so she can get a feel for his personality, his lifestyle and his tastes.

How bad does she want the job?  Bad enough to agree to move in with him.

And while she’s confident in her ability to design the perfect home for him, she’s not so confident she can keep her hands off of him or her libido in check for a full month of close quarters.

What happens?

How does she manage to live with this rich hottie without sleeping with him, or does she?

****Want to add a paranormal twist? Make the hottie a vampire or other unnatural creature and amplify the heat and the danger.

Note: This prompt is from 1001 Romance Story Starters available on Amazon and Smashwords