Happy Holidays!
Do you have plans for this holiday? Usually, I spend a quiet week
at home and often end up eating at a Chinese restaurant on
Christmas day.
This year, we’re going to spend the holidays near my family in
Montana. So it won’t be a quiet time, but it should be fun!
Before I hit the road, I wanted to share a few holiday romance
story starters with you. If you’re lucky enough to catch a few
quiet moments to write, grab one and have fun with it.
Holiday Romance Story Starters
Starlight, Starbright – Your hero is sitting on the hood of a car
with a youngster who is struggling to keep his/her eyes open.
They’re starting up at the sky looking for Santa’s sleigh. What
Caroling Surprise – Your heroine is cajoled into Christmas caroling
with friends. Standing on the porch singing Jingle Bells, the door
opens and…who’s standing there? What does he do?

Harried Hanukkah – Your hero is heading to his family home for the
holidays. His mom has been dropping hints about a special visitor
but he doesn’t expect it to be her – she’s the last person he wants
to see. Who is she and what’s their history?


Oh, and if you’re not done with your holiday shopping check out
this fun blog post – it offers 10 suggestions to give to the
writers in your life
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Happy Holidays and Happy Writing!