It’s the holiday season. I’ve spent the past two weeks wracking my brain trying to come up with good gift ideas for friends and family. If you have a writer in your life (or you want to buy a nice little something for yourself) here are a few ideas to consider:

*Coffee or Tea – Most writers that I know are heavy coffee, or tea, drinkers. The caffeine is stimulating and if they’re busy, then it gives them the extra edge they need to persevere and write when they’d rather sleep. And coffee gifts are budget friendly. A nice bag of specialty coffee and a beautiful mug can become part of their daily writing ritual.

*Moleskin Notebook – I have a handy pocket size Moleskin notebook that I take with me everywhere I go. I love it. Any writer needs a small notebook to take with them so they can capitalize on ideas when they occur. Moleskin notebooks are attractive and useful. And they’re budget friendly too.

*Pen – Do you have a favorite pen? I have several. And I could always use another more. I keep them with my moleskin notebook. Give the writer in  your life a beautiful pen.

*Bluetooth Keyboard – If your beloved writer has a smart phone or a tablet then they may appreciate a Bluetooth keyboard. There are no connection cables to worry about and it gives their fingers more room to wander. Apple has a fantastic full sized keyboard that fits into my purse! And it’s around $70.

*iPad/Notebook – If you have a bit of money to spend, consider buying the writer in your life a writing device that they can take with them. I have an iPad and I use it often. It’s heavy but it is compact. Google just released a laptop that runs about $250. It’s gorgeous, light, and thin.

*Soy/Beeswax Candle – Aromatherapy can help set the mood for a writer, especially if they’re writing romantic scenes! However, don’t buy a paraffin candle, buy a soy or beeswax candle because they’re free from artificial fragrances and other chemicals that can cause headaches.

*The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron– This is a 12 week course in

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creativity and it’s a beautiful book. Whether the romance writer in your life is just getting started or has a few published books under their belt, this book will help them take their writing pursuits to the next level.

*Free Babysitting – If your writer is a parent, give them the gift of babysitting so they can set aside uninterrupted time to write.

* Champagne and Chocolate – Who doesn’t like champagne and chocolate? It’s a great gift and something to enjoy while writing those steamy romance scenes.

*1001 Romance Story Starters – If you know someone who is just getting started as a romance writer or a writer who is stumped for ideas, 1001 Romance Story Starters may help them jump right into creating the next bestseller.

Finally, gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, and any office supply store are always welcome by most individuals. It gives the writer in your life the opportunity to choose their own gift.

Happy Holidays!


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