Happy Friday!

I’m going to see the amazing Le Miserables today in Denver and am so excited.  I’ve seen it before but not with my children. The box of tissues is already in my purse, I’m prepared for the tear fest.

If you’re in Las Vegas and write steamy romance you might want to stop by the Erotic Author’s Inaugural Conference it’s at the Flamingo. Read more about it here.

A new digital romance list is being launched by Ebury Publishing. “Ebury haved announced the launch of an exciting new straight-to-digital romance list, Rouge, which will launch on 29th September with eight titles, and four titles per month thereafter, to satisfy the huge reading appetites of romance readers. Ebury have also designed a dedicated and interactive website, www.rougeromance.co.uk, where readers can discuss the books, read extracts and enter competitions.”

And for Horror fans, Samhain has released a new House for Horror Fiction. I’m so excited! There’s nothing better than a really good scary book and Samhain looks to be building quite the collection of fantastic horror authors. Check it out – http://www.samhainpublishing.com/horror.htm

Happy Writing and have a great weekend!