Happy Friday!

For many, this is the beginning of Spring Break and it’s also a holiday weekend. It’s a time of excitement for me because spring is here and that means warmer weather! I can see buds on my trees and the greens of my flower bulbs peeking through the ground. Ah…I just love spring. It’s inspiring.

And that’s what today’s Hot Fun Friday is all about – hopefully, something here today will inspire you. Let’s start with some affirmation resources.

Here’s a fun affirmation that comes from a fantastic list of affirmations for writers

Writer’s block is NO match for my desire to get my thoughts into writing!

You can find 59 more affirmations for writers and hundreds of affirmations for other endeavors here http://theaffirmationspot.wordpress.com/2011/10/18/57-affirmations-for-writers-and-authors/


Another great affirmation resource is Eric Maisel’s Affirmations for Artists. You can find it at Amazon for just a few dollars if you don’t mind a used book. I’ve referenced my book so often I busted the binding. I’m going to be using a binder clip to hold my book together soon! Here’s a good one from the book:

“I am the person I create. I make myself proud, mistake after mistake, rejection after rejection, foolishness after foolishness, by doing better and working harder  What finer way to build a strong self-image than by actually growing wiser and more capable? I am an artist creating an artist.”

This book is also jam packed with awesome quotes from other artists.


Now here are a few writing space images that may inspire you to spiffy up your space to make it more personal and motivating: