Happy Friday!

My kids go back to school today and I am cheering! I am soooo looking forward to a few hours of peace and quiet.

I have tons of energy to write today so here’s to a few thousand new words!

To help you get motivated to meet your writing goals today check this out – Two authors have reached the 1 mil mark on Kindle ebooks – yay for them and yay for us too. The potential is so huge.


Because many authors and aspiring authors are moving into the digital realm this article on virtual book tours is extremely informative – I think it qualifies as a “print and keep”. Cute WordPress template too:-D


Last but certainly not least¬†¬† – I love, love, love the Belle Femme Gazette and this week she’s published an interview with erotic romance author Cara McKenna. Great questions and truly interesting, and fun, answers. Check it out at