file1891283659092Happy Friday!

One of the ways to tap into your creative side is to remember it. We’re all creative, or at least we allowed ourselves to be creative when we were children. Imaginary play is an example of the type of creativity we embraced when we were young.

Joy, wonder, and that feeling you get when you engage your entire mind, body, and spirit – all experienced as children during play.

As adults, we forget to allow time for this. In many cases, we push it away – it’s childish.

Today, because it’s Friday and because you deserve to feel this joy and wonder, do something that sparks your imagination and let’s you tap into those feelings you experienced in your youth. Here are a few ideas:

  • Try a new activity or one you haven’t done in years – For example, go jump rope or grab a hula hoop.
  • Experience nature – Sit in a quiet spot and just watch what goes on around  you. Enjoy the birds, wildlife, and the way the clouds move overhead.
  • Color – Buy some beautiful colored pencils or crayons and a coloring book and let yourself go for a few minutes.
  • Play a game – the other day at Crossfit we played musical medicine balls. You had to crab walk in a circle. When the music stopped, you had to find a medicine ball to sit on. It was hysterical and completely fun. 

Enjoy  life. Embrace your creative side and allow inspiration to come from a variety of experiences.

Happy writing!