English: DC USA, Target, Black Friday

English: DC USA, Target, Black Friday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Happy Black Friday!

Do you go shopping today or do you avoid the crowds and stay home?

Personally, I stay home. I dislike shopping in general. Though I will say that I enjoy Cyber Monday a bit. Shopping online is much more pleasant than dealing with crowds.


I did notice a few great deals today that I wanted to pass onto you.

Barnes & Noble – Nook for $59! Holy Guacamole! It’s tempting to drive there and grab a few. Here are the details – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/u/Black-Friday-Cyber-Monday-Deals/379003308

If you buy an Apple iPad at Target you’ll get a $60 gift card. Target

Office Depot has serious deals on laptops and desktopshttp://www.officedepot.com/

And I’m sure there are furniture stores in your community that are offering deals if you’re in need of a writing desk or office furniture.

So how will you be spending this beautiful day after Thanksgiving? Me, I’ll be picking my kiddos up at the airport and writing. Enjoy the day!

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