With the lottery at 320 million the other day, I started dreaming. I went so far as to find my dream home. It’s gorgeous of course.

The reason I love it …it has a perfect backyard deck that overlooks a rock outcropping. I can totally see myself writing there. It’s my dream writing space – outside, surrounded by nature.

So What’s Your Dream Writing Space?

Houzz.com is a great place to plan your home, design your space, and dream. They have more than 600,000 photos of “dream writing spaces.”

Here are a few that I’m particularly fond of:

A girl can dream, right!

What does your dream writing space look like?

Take a break from writing today, a short break, and head over to Houzz.com or Pinterest. Find your dream space. You never know. Your book may become a bestseller and help you make your dream writing space a reality!