There’s something wonderful about the small joys that can make the most stressful day suddenly seem manageable.

Today, marks the end of an incredibly stressful and challenging week. Sick kiddos, difficult teenage daughters, technology troubles, and plain old mistakes seemed to be the norm this week and yet it’s still easy to smile when you take a minute to enjoy the moment and appreciate the small things.

  • –Fresh baked chocolate cherry brownies hot and gooey from the oven
  • –Beer and egg rolls with a friend
  • –My pug’s adorable head in my lap
  • –A sparkly clean kitchen
  • –Homemade nachos (that I didn’t have to make!)
  • –A Denver Broncos win – go Tim Tebow!
  • –Hot clean towels after a nice hot bath

Those are just a few of the things I’m grateful for this week and that brought me joy and the ability to smile while trying to gracefully manage the stress and challenges.


Something You Might Find Great Joy In…

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Enjoy the day and may you find great joy!